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La carte du Clos des Gourmets s'enrichit sans cesse de nos découvertes, de nos envies, de nos rencontres avec des artisans de talent. La quête de la simplicité et l'authenticité des saveurs sont rythmées par les saisons. Une cuisine épurée, minimaliste pour magnifier le produit.

La formule est simple : menu déjeuner à 29,90 €
    un menu-carte au diner à 38 € et menu du marché à 34 €
    et tous les jours des suggestions sur notre ardoise.

Nous vous informons que nous avons un salon privatisé pour 8-12 personnes.

... Bon Appétit !


Menu of lunch at 29,90 €


Root vegetable velouté, cubes of Cantal, croutons and chives
Warm compote of green Puy lentils with dried bacon

Steamed haddock with buttered cabbage
Beef parmentier with onion confit

Pepper and vanilla rice pudding with madeleines
Reine de Reinette apple custard, crystallised quince and quince jelly

Les Apéritifs

Platter of Pata Negra ham sourced from Byzance 12,00 €
Glass of champagne 12cl 16,00 €
Kir royal 12cl 10,00 €
White wine kir 12cl 7,50 €
Rivesaltes Grand Guilhem 12cl 9,00 €
Muscat Grand Guilhem 12cl 9,00 €
Coteaux du Layon Château de Breuil 12cl 9,00 €
Porto 12cl 9,00 €
Today's favourite dry white wine 12cl 7,50 €
Bombay Saphire gin 4cl 10,00 €
Campari 4cl 10,00 €
Red or white Martini 4cl 10,00 €
vodka 4cl 10,00 €
House Americano 8cl 12,00 €
Suze 4cl 8,00 €
Ricard 2cl 5,00 €
Johnnie Walker red label / JB 9,00 €
Selection of single malts 12,00 €
Bourbon Maker’s Mark 12,00 €

Seasonal Lunch Menu

To start

Winter leaks in a honey and cider vinegar vinaigrette, shavings of raw foie gras and Conference pear 12,00 €

“Salt and pepper” soft-boiled egg, mashed celeriac with toasted sesame seeds and white taramasalata 12,00 €

Parsnip remoulade with wasabi, beef tartare and colourful beetroot 12,00 €

Caesar market salad with finely shaved spring vegetables parmesan Reggiano, capers and golden croutons 12,00 €

Platter of Pata Negra ‘Jabugo’ ham sourced from Byzance, served with garlic-rubbed bread 19,90 €

6 “Marenne Oléron” grade 3 oysters in a seawater jelly, mozzarella cream, buckwheat and basil sprouts 19,90 €

To Follow

Cabbage stuffed with steamed wing of skate, traditional beurre blanc with lemon zest 21,00 €

Char-grilled fillet of cod with crunchy fennel, Arborio risotto with red quinoa and a turmeric foam 21,00 €

Pan-fried, caramelised endives, walnut and Parmesan short cake, belly of pork confit and truffled whipped cream 21,00 €

Roasted young Gers chicken, confit of new potatoes, bay leaf jus 21,00 €

Crispy pig’s head, fresh herb vinaigrette, smashed Ratte potatoes with half-salted butter 21,00 €

Poached and grilled sirloin of Irish “Angus” beef, vegetable pot-au-feu 32,00 €

A final delight

Cantal with walnut and crystallised orange chutney 11,00 €

Segmented citrus fruits with a citrus cream and yuzu jelly 10,00 €

Avocado cream millefeuille, preserved lemons with rum 10,00 €

Tanzanian chocolate in a glass with passion fruit 10,00 €

King of the Pippins apple custard, crystallised apple and quince jelly 10,00 €

Sweetly spiced poached fennel with lemon sorbet and fresh basil 10,00 €

Coffee with a selection of sweet tapas 10,00 €